General William Odom

As a Soviet Union expert, General Odom gained national notoriety. When working as a military liaison at Potsdam, Germany early during his military career, he got the opportunity to witness Soviet military activity firsthand. During his time at the US embassy in Moscow inside the early 1970s, he toured all of the Soviet Union’s states, and afterwards taught Russian history in West Point, New York.

Jaime Leigh Jones

As a 19-year-old administrative assistant in Houston, Jamie Leigh Jones began her career with KBR. She was sent to Iraq about a year later. At the Baghdad Green Zone, Jamie claims to have been drugged and raped by a large number of employees, all of whom remain anonymous. After the event, she claims she was kept to the a shipping container only with a bed & denied food, water.

Professor Steven Jones

Physicist Steven Earl Jones is from United States. Jones’ work in muon-catalyzed fusion was his primary focus for the majority of his professional life. His work just on collapse of the World Trade Center was controversial, and as a result, he was placed in paid administrative leave at Brigham Young University in the fall of 2006. He announced his resignation on October 20th, 2006.


In public speaking, confidence is essential. You will be seen as an expert in your field if you are confident in your delivery. Trust in you and the content you are producing will increase, making it easier for your audience to believe what you have to say. Having self-assurance enhances your credibility, knowledge, and trustworthiness.


If you aren’t enthusiastic about your storey, why would anyone else be? Explain to your audience why you are doing what you should do and why they should care about it. Who or what inspires and motivates you in your work? They will want to hear whatever you have to say more if they see as well as feel your passion.


Even if you’re a gifted public speaker, it’s critical that you keep your remarks succinct and on-point. Your audience has a short attention span. Get their attention quickly and keep it by making your presentation smooth and effective. It’s a good idea to consider segmenting your presentation if it’s longer than twenty minutes.


The best presentations are those that don’t feel like they are supposed to be presentations in the first place. Understand your audience and how to make your case. Make sure your audience understands the context of everything you’re saying. Rather than merely reciting facts and figures, share your personal experiences and stories that have led you.

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Speaking well in front of large crowds is a learned skill. They aren’t perfect. It is their desire to improve their public speaking abilities that lead them to perfection. The art of speaking in public goes beyond simply reading from a list of prepared remarks. When it comes to becoming a professional speaker, there is no better way than learning about what it takes to be one.

If you don’t possess the qualities or eloquence necessary to motivate an audience, public speaking can just be terrifying. If you’re not confident in your ability to speak, your presentation may not be able to effectively convey your message.

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Some people have a natural talent for public speaking; they are born with it. Some people strive to improve their skills by obtaining additional education and training.


Your speaker could even help you reach your event’s goals if you have a complete image of who your audience is and what you hope to accomplish.


Most professional speakers follow a set of guidelines that include the following: If you’re giving a keynote speech, don’t engage too much with your audience.


If you’re nervous before a keynote, it’s common to hold your breath until the first laugh breaks out. And when it does, you just let go and enjoy the moment.

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