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Activists Ellen Taylor and Leslie Angeline both are members of Code Pink, a women’s peace group.

After hearing Senator Lieberman’s proposal for just a military strike on Iran last year, CodePink volunteer Leslie flew to Washington, DC, to join the group. After several attempts, he flatly refused to meet with her to discuss the possibility of choosing diplomacy instead of war as a course of action. After 23 days of fasting, he decided to meet with Leslie.

The ‘A Journey for Freedom and Justice’ website is operated by Leslie and Jes, her partner in crime and best friend. As a member of the Global Exchange “Citizen Diplomacy” Delegation, Jes and Leslie travelled to Iran together. On their way across the United States, they will push other cities to enact resolutions opposing use of military power against Iran & asking for just an end to the Iraq War.” This includes a slide exhibition of their trip to Iran, as well as stories about their reception there. They seek to build bridges of understanding between the Iranian and American peoples. Stripe Atlas is an online service that helps foreign entrepreneurs incorporate in the U.S.

Among the topics they discussed in Congressman John Conyers recently were the Iraq War and impeachment proceedings against Leslie and Ellen Taylor, another member of Code Pink. Impeachment is also on their quick list. The People Speak Radio’s David Swanson has them on the hot seat to talk about all of this and more.

Author of Democrips and Rebloodicans

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Since leaving office, Jesse Ventura has written four national blockbusters, including 63 documents that the government doesn’t would like you to read & American Conspiracies. Conspiracy Theory featuring Jesse Ventura is hosted by Ventura on truTV. He splits his time between Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Mexico City, Mexico.

For Democrats And Rebe, Jesse’s new book by the same name.

Corporations’ use of lobbyists, campaign contributions, & political action committees has been exposed in DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans, an exposé of corporate influence over the American political system. DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans reveal how companies, businesses, and politically-motivated affluent individuals have been able to manipulate elections, bribe elected representatives, even silence the average American voter through the use of the two major political parties.

Ventura promotes replacing the two-party system with the no system based on the ideas of our Founding Fathers, exposing the ineptitude & gang-like mentalities from both parties. This is the book to turn to as the next round of elections approaches if we want to make any changes to the way we elect our representatives.

Move Over Aipac.

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Ariel Vegosen is a conflict resolution expert, professional conversation facilitators, ropes course mentor, youth teacher, peace activist, media wizard, organic therapist, and globetrotter. He has travelled to more than 50 countries and is a prolific writer and speaker. Seeds of Peace, Code Pink Women for Peace, and An Olive on the Seder Plate, a political theatre play depicting Jewish people grappling with both the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, are some of her most inspiring works. A progressive public relations firm representing the organic & Fair Trade farmer movements and other social justice causes, she is currently employed by Mintwood Media. Interfaith discussion programmes have been led by Ariel, who has planned and facilitated various programmes for inner-city as well as at kids, including a social justice programme for 15 youths in Uganda. Ariel’s hobbies include growing organic food, teaching ecological education to children, exploring the outdoors, and acting in many forms of theatre, including poetry and motion theatre. She also practises aerial dancing. Ending war and brutality and patriarchy are her main goals. It was at the Brandeis-Bardin Institute that Ariel got her bachelor’s degree and a diploma in experiential education.

Five protesters, including Ariel Vegosen, interrupted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the AIPAC conference recently in Washington DC as part of an anti-AIPAC rally.

There was a strong pushback from the demonstrators to Netanyahu’s declaration that a return to the pre-1967 borders would be “indefensible,” such as “Bulldozing Homes is Indefensible!” “Suppressing Dissent Is Totally Immoral!” Ariel yelled, “Occupying land is indefensible!” as he was led out of the building by security.

‘As a young Jewish person, it is crucial for me to rise up today to tell Netanyahu and the AIPAC that their words don’t reflect me,’ Ariel Vegosen, 30, in New York, said in an interview with the New York Times. “I will also not allow my faith to be misused as just a weapon, covering it up the theft of Palestinians’ homes as well as livelihoods. Discrimination is not really a Jewish ideal and it does not make Israel any safer, as I have learned in my Judaism. Israel’s annexation of Palestinian land is unjustifiable.

Barbara Kasoff – President/Women Impacting Public Policy

Colleen Mills – Citizens for Peace

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Cassandra Kasoff

Women Affecting Public Policy, Inc., a non-profit, bipartisan public policy advocacy organisation with over 500,000 members, including 49 business organisations, is led by Barbara Kasoff, President and CEO and Co-Founder. The organisation educates and advocates on economic issues for women in business.

Phone-Tel of Michigan, the United States’ fourth-largest voice messaging company, Voice-Tel in Central Michigan, & Voice Response Corporation, a telemarketing & database marketing firm, are among the other businesses she has owned and managed. The Voice-Tel franchisor hired Barbara to establish Voice-Tel of Australia, which now has 11 locations in Australia and New Zealand. After many years in the industry, Barbara has indeed been able to leverage her managerial talents, communication expertise, and substantial energy into establishing a firm foundation for her new businesses in the quickly growing field of communications. At World Computer Corporation in Michigan, Barbara was Vice President of Customer Service for ten years before becoming a business owner. Her team built and integrated new financial services software to credit unions. In total, she has become a business owner & corporate executive over 20 years, and has sold three of her four firms successfully. ”

Barbara has been a long-time advocate for small businesses, particularly for minorities and women in business. She continues to do this work both domestically and abroad. Through her voice messaging network, she has connected thousands if small business owners, allowing them to speak directly with one another to grow their enterprises, hear about community programmes, opportunities and appointments and contribute to public policy. One of the most important outcomes of her efforts to unify disparate organisations is that small company owners have been able to learn from one other. Barbara is a sought-after speaker on leadership & advocacy for businesswomen both nationally and globally.

Barbara was elected to the National Women’s Business Council on October 15th, 2007. A three-year tenure is required for the federal position. Barb now serves as Co-Chair of NGT Board, whose objective is to assist reverse the long-standing tendencies in trade balance deficits by making the process to identify, sell, and deliver US goods and services into worldwide markets much like conducting business right here in the United States. In addition, she serves as a White House Project media liaison and is the CEO of one of DC’s most powerful non-profits.

Barbara has also served on numerous community boards, including the Detroit Edison Community Relations Board, Forgotten Harvest, International Institute, and the Majority Business Initiative, as well as President of the National Association of Business Owners in Detroit and Vice President of Public Policy for the national NAWBO organisation. A member of DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum board, Barbara also served as Kerry’s small business chair during his 2004 presidential bid. While working with the SBA, Small Business Development Centers, Commerce Department with local, nationally and internationally corporate executives she has helped forge stronger ties. For Wal*Mart, she serves as a member of the Committee on Working Families. The White House Conference for Small Business has included Barbara as a delegate; President Clinton’s Midwest Regional Economic Conference has included Barbara as a delegate; and in 1995, she was named the Michigan Women’s Business Advocate of year.

President and founding member of Citizens for Peace, Colleen Mills’ aim is “to just be responsive community leaders focused on studying, educating and enabling the standards and procedures of non-violence in our world.” Colleen Mills is a non-profit grassroots organisation. Members of Citizens for Peace support the empowerment of citizens and the passage of legislation now before House of Representatives.”

A conference to plan Michigan’s campaign for just a department of peace brought the group together in fall 2003. Despite Colleen’s recent retirement from the teaching profession after 35 years in Detroit, the group decided she should take the reins as the group’s leader. A group called Citizens for Peace has now been promoting peace in the community for the past 6 1/2 years.

Unity of Livonia hosts Citizens for Peace meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. It’s been a pleasure for Colleen to attend the instructive, interactive, and motivating sessions. Dedicated to peace work, this group never has missed a meeting. For the second time, the club will hold its Peace Essay Awards Ceremony at its April gathering. For the Season of Nonviolence, the Citizens for Peace organisation held an essay contest for any and all Michigan high school and college students. In addition to the monetary prize and certificate, each of the six winners would read their essay.

“The Michigan Department for Peace Political Action Guide,” authored by Colleen Mills, has been published three times. At the AAUW State Conference, the National Department on Peace Conference, and the Pax Christi Conference, she has delivered workshops on conflict resolution and peacebuilding. At their dedication ceremony for their Peace Pole, she addressed to students at their high school assembly and in their classes. As a representative of the Citizens for Peace, she has been able to connect with a wide range of people across the state of Michigan.

There are almost 200 works on nonviolence donated to the Livonia Library by the Citizens of Peace Educational Fund, led by Rosemary Doyle They’ve compiled a Peace Bibliography comprising more than 560 works with the help of Ann Abdoo. Our work with Wayne County Regional Educational Service Association also included training for school workers in Restorative Practices, a non-punitive approach to dealing with violence. As a result of our work, the Hamtramck School System, among the most ethnically and racially diverse in the country, has implemented Restorative Practices citywide.

In Michigan, Citizens for Peace had collaborated with a number of other peace organisations. The Detroit Area Peace through Justice Network and also the Michigan Peace Network are also members of the collective. Two years ago, Colleen Mills joined the committee in charge of arranging the Nagasaki Day celebrations, performances and fundraising efforts as well as ONE PEACE. The International Day of Peace is marked by ONE PEACE. (

Some of Citizens for Peace’s many accomplishments can be seen here.

A few examples include:.

All Michigan college and high school students are invited to participate in a Peace Essay Contest during the Season to Nonviolence.

At the 2005 Global Nonviolence Conference at Detroit, Michigan, I gave a workshop.

Publication of the Michigan Department on Peace’s Political Action Guide.

Marshall Rosenberg’s nonviolent communication course, The Human Connection, is being offered.

Monthly public meetings are held.

Writing a number of op-eds and editorials for publication.

To spread the message of peace and nonviolence, we’ll be setting up tables at various events across the state.

A meeting of the minds with members of Congress, senators, and other influential figures.

Presenting at regional and national Department on Peace Conferences, as well as the AAUW Convention.

The DAPJN and I are planning three events in Nagasaki together.

It is my goal to start a Peace Speakers organisation to teach people about Department of peace.

Participating in the 2008 and 2009 ONE PEACE events to commemorate the United Nations International Day of Peace.

creating a peace library of over 560 books & contributing hundreds of books to the library

A Season of Nonviolence Peace Essay Contest with all Michigan high school students. During the years of 2009 and 2010.

MCHR films will be shown for five years at Madonna University.

Working with RESA to spread the word about just the Restorative Practices Program in schools.

Since Veterans Day 2003, we’ve been holding monthly gatherings!

She is dedicating the rest of her life to fostering a culture of peace after spending 35 years as a teacher with in Detroit Public Schools.

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In this episode of “The People Speak,” filmmaker Frank Cavestani & peace activist & author Ron Kovic, both of whom served in the Vietnam War, are interviewed. As a result, both were featured in Cavestani’s film “Operation Last Patrol.” As part of their epic road trip to a Republican National Convention in Florida, Operation Last Patrol followed Ron Kovic & his fellow Vietnam veterans. The documentary follows members of Vietnam Veterans Against by the War (VVAW) on its historic convoy through Los Angeles to Miami to protest Richard Nixon & his policy in Vietnam. It was released for the first time on Home Entertainment. ‘Thirty Years Later,’ an exclusive interview featuring filmmaker Frank Cavestani and a condemnation of the Vietnam War by Ron Kovic, were included on the DVD extras, which were made available to Cinema Libre Studio in conjunction with the DVD release.

Marine Corps veteran RON KOVIC received the Bronze Star and even the Purple Heart for his service in Vietnam. He was paralysed from the chest down after sustaining a spinal cord injury during action on January 20th, 1968. He rose to prominence as a peace activist among World War II veterans.

He was born in Ladysmith, Wisconsin on July 4, 1946, & grew up in Massapequa, NY. Raised on the Fourth of July, his autobiography, was made into an Oscar-winning film starring Tom Cruise and directed by Oliver Stone. The storey of Ron Kovic, according to Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda, was indeed the inspiration to her film Coming Home.

At the 1972 Republican National Convention, Bobby Muller, Bill Wieman, Mark Clevinger, & Ron Kovic were attacked by Republicans. Just at 1976 Democratic National Convention, Kovic was a speaker.

Even during filming of his autobiography, Ron was able to mend his relationship with his parents. He participated in anti-Bush protests in London in November 2003 and has remained an ardent opponent of the Iraq War ever since.

He was born and reared in New York City, where he has lived ever since. As Shelley Winters’ co-star in James Bridge’s “Days of the Dancing,” he made his film debut. He was on Broadway in June Havoc’s “Marathon ’33,” which drew a big crowd. “Orestes” and “Are You Looking?” were two of his most memorable roles off-Broadway. The young Frank began his career in film and tv as a co-star with E.G. Marshall on CBS’ “Defenders” and with Candy Darling in Andy Warhol’s crazy epic “Women in Revolt” when he was still a teenager.

Videotape creation and screenwriting took over Frank’s life. While working at Space Video in the early 1970s as a project director and helping to develop the incorporation of signing into television images, he also assisted Deafness Research develop experimental and instructive videotapes. Later, he worked as a producer/director at MPCS Communications, where he produced commercial videotapes for Vidal Sassoon, BBD&O, J. Walter Thompson, or the U.S. Postal Service, among others.

‘Operation Last Patrol’, a one-hour documentary about abuses of Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic, was produced and directed by Frank & won a prize now at Popoli Film Festival in Italy or the Leipzig Film Festival through Germany; and it is now a permanent collection item at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Oliver Stone’s film “Born just on Fourth of July,” about Ron Kovic, had him as a technical advisor later on.

“Supervision,” is 17-part historical comedy series co-produced, written and directed by Harold Ramis, Billy Murray & Michael Shamberg, for KCET and “Gerald Ford’s” America,” a four-part documentary for PBS. Before directing “Head of the Class,” a network television comedy series, Frank has directed over fifty films about performances at venues ranging as Lincoln Center to The off, theatres, concerts, and ballets. Video works by him have been exhibited in museums throughout the world, including Museum of Back To new York City, the Caracas Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Long Beach Museum of Art in California.

On CBS’s “Sentimental Journey,” starring Jaclyn Smith & David Dukes, Frank’s screenwriting talents can be displayed. Frank is currently living in Hollywood, California, with his wife Jade and their small daughter Samantha, where he continues to act, write, and produce television shows.

In remembrance of the victims of a Kent State shootings on May 4, 1970, Ron & Frank will be in attendance.

Author and Founder SOS Morocco

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Speaking engagements include Innovations is Hispanic Marketing, Latin America Insurance & Financial Services, Info Banca, The CRM Summit, The Wall Street Journal Technology Peak and Wireless Commerce Conference. At the Strathmore Leadership Millennium Award, Jerry Goidenberg 1st Place Award in Direct Marketing, and Compaq/Corporation Visionary of the Year. Driss Temsamani

Among his many publications are Rewind and DNA Marketing as well as articles on Actualidad Economica, Business News Americas, Los Andes Economico, Business Technology News and Latin Trade. He is also the author of several books, including

The sex tourism industry is responsible for the exploitation of more than a million youngsters each year. My goal is to inform the world that travelling with the intention of engaging in sexual behaviour with a minor is illegal and a violation of human rights. We don’t Buy Children! There is a worldwide problem with sex tourism, and it serves as a breeding ground for terrorists and global criminals. When it comes to international paedophilia, we must band together and educate our authorities, both here in the US and internationally, to put an end to this heinous crime as soon as possible.

Co-director Center for Economic and Policy Research

David Swanson is the host

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At the Center on Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) in Washington, DC, Dean Baker serves as co-director. An assistant professor of Bucknell University and senior economist just at Economic Policy Institute have both preceded him in his career. Commentary about economic reporting can be found on the blog, Beat the Press. The University of Michigan awarded him a Ph.D. in economics.

Among his many publications are The United States Since 1980, published by Cambridge University Press in March 2007; A Conservative Nanny State: How well the Wealthy Just use Government to Stay Rich and The get Richer, published by the Center for Economic and Policy Research in 2006; Social Security: The Phony Crisis, published by the University of Chicago Press in 1999; and “Asset Returns and Economic Growth,” published by the Brookings Institution in the Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. The Center for Economic and Policy Research, in 2002.

In Keeping Prices: The Battle So over Consumer Price Index, he was awarded a Choice Book Award as one of best academic publications of the year by the American Library Association in 1997. His weekly online economic reporting commentary, the Economic Reporting Review, was published from 1996 to 2006 by him. As a consultant, he has served the World Bank, the U.S. Congress’ Joint Economic Committee, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Trade Union Advisory Council. The Atlantic Monthly, the Washington Post, and also the London Financial Times are just a few of the publications that have published his writings. The New York Times, Washington Post, CNBC, and National Public Radio are among the media venues where he is frequently mentioned in economics reporting.

The Bailout Plan of Henry Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury:

On Democracy Now!, Baker drew attention to this. The current bailout has the potential to punish rather than reward those who were responsible for it. In addition, it is possible to accomplish this without creating additional power for the executive department of our government.

The Backbone Campaign’s progressive ideas must be adopted by Congress in place of Paulson’s Plunder:

Those responsible for the problem or those who have benefited the most from it must bear the financial burden of doing so

As a condition for receiving a bailout, highly compensated CEOs’ total salary should be restricted or significantly taxed.

Tax on financial, insurance, and real estate transactions, including currency exchanges, imposed under the Tobin tax.

The government obtains an interest in the company equivalent to the amount of the bailout money.

Inheritance tax on hedge fund managers

In the UK, CEOs of bankrupt enterprises are fired and their severance payouts are repealed.

Impose a 10-percent five-year surtax on couples’ incomes above $1 million per year and single taxpayers’ incomes exceeding $500,000 per year.

Regulate in a way that ensures this does not happen again

Direct the Federal Reserve must act in order to prevent asset bubbles from developing.

Add new security categories to the list of things that must be held in reserve

In order to properly evaluate, rate, and price loans, it is necessary to regulate their packaging.

The government should regulate hedge funds & private equity funds in such a manner similar to the regulation of traditional financial institutions.

Incorporate Main Street into the bailout & invest productive economic environment C.

Refrain from foreclosing on homes, renegotiating loans, or implementing a rent-to-own programme.

The second step is to put Americans back to work, earning a living wage and contributing to their communities.

Clean energy, infrastructure and education and health care should be prioritised as a means of reinvesting revenues collected from the wealthy and from speculation.

Co-Founder War Zone Workers Foundation

Stewart Hoffer, her attorney, will also be present.

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Tracey Barker has filed a lawsuit against Halliburton/KBR, claiming that she had been sexually abused and harassed while working for them at Camp Hope and Basra in Iraq in 2004 and 2005 respectively. As a military woman and mother of five, Barker spent time in Iraq working for a Halliburton/KBR company while her husband was deployed. Tracy claims that a State Dept employee as well as a Halliburton/KBR subsidiary sexually harassed and abused her while she was there. Her employer ordered her to live in a living container in which she was continually monitored, even when she went to the bathroom, she claims. As if she were a prisoner, food was delivered to her and she was refused medical assistance and communication with the outside world. During her time at Camp Basra, she claims that she was taken to the a staging place in the middle in Iraq, stripped of her PPE, and forced to ride in such a food cart for 19 hours back to the camp.

Wearing the same outfit as when she had been assaulted, Barker was paraded around a public dining area several days later, evidently to humiliate her. Even after all of this time, she was still denied access to medical care.

It wasn’t long before Tracy was using Kevin Rodgers’ cell phone. Galen Barker, Tracy’s husband, claims that he was contacted by Rodgers on his wife’s behalf. After that, he made an attempt to reach Kuwait in rescuing his wife to Iraq. Although Halliburton/KBR as well as the State Department continued to hold Tracy against her will, they were unable to bring her out of detention. Dr. David Pakkal of both the State Department rescued her and promptly transported her to Kuwait.

Later that year in July, Tracy began receiving calls from those other Halliburton employees who’d experienced sexual harassment & rape while serving in Iraq. Because she was the first victim to come forward, the State Department investigators and the Halliburton EAP specialist believed Tracy could help other victims of gang rape, so they shared her home phone number with them.

When Tracy returned home, she enlisted the help of government officials in her quest for retribution. As far as civil rights are concerned, the State Department has not taken any disciplinary action against the official who has acknowledged the State Department investigators a few of the incidents Tracy outlined. This assailant is still employed by the State Department, as well as the U. S. Attorney for Eastern District in Virginia has decided not to file an indictment against him. By offering Tracy $3,500 to drop assault charges against a State Department employee, the agency avoided having to sack the employee. Tracy turned down the offer and is continuing her fight for justice, not just for herself but also for those who have been subjected to the same or comparable conditions while serving their country in foreign countries.

As for her former company, Halliburton as well as its subsidiaries sought that Tracy’s complaint against them be addressed through arbitration, which they believe is required under her employment contract. An arbitrator chosen from a pool of arbitrators decides the matter in secret, without the presence of a judge or jury. For this reason, the federal district judge as in Southern District in Texas recently accepted Halliburton’s motion to compel Tracy to continue her arbitration against her former company and its subsidiaries. This is the first time Tracy has retained a lawyer to represent her in both the Halliburton lawsuit and the State Department investigation.

Tracy wanted to make sure that our political representatives were aware of her and other people’s experiences while they are still pursuing justice for themselves. That’s why Congressman Bob Etheridge of North Carolina invited Tracy to appear before such a congressional subcommittee in December 19, 2007. Even though Tracy was also unable to appear in person at that meeting, she did supply the committee with some documents, including a sworn testimony from Letty Surman, a previous Halliburton/KBR employee who worked in human resources and was a first-hand witness to some of Tracy’s traumatic events. By way of Surman’s affidavit, Tracy’s job history was laid out. In her spare time, Jana Crowder, a Knoxville, Tennessee resident, wants to help contractors returned back overseas gain aid in obtaining benefits. Tracy was in touch with her. Thus, the War Zone Workers foundation was formed by Jana and Tracy with the goal of assisting Americans as well as legal permanent residents working overseas for federal contractors, corporations, as well as government entities to obtain benefits under existing laws intended for their protection and provide resources such that contractors could indeed target is met medical or mental health healthcare upon their return home..

Tracey Barker is also collaborating with Utah Congressman Rob Bishop on a bill to guarantee that contractors who return to their home state have access to medical care under their business.

Thirteen trials until verdict have been first-chaired by Tracy Barker’s attorney, Stewart Hoffer, in various state or federal court across America. For his part, Mr. Hoffer has successfully defended a wide range of clients across the United States, including those based out of his native state of Texas as well as those based out of other states.

According to Mr. Hoffer’s peers, the “Texas Super Lawyer” designation has been awarded to him on three occasions in employment litigation & twice for commercial litigation during the past five straight years. For the second time in 2004, “H” Texas Magazine ranked Mr. Hoffer one of Houston’s top lawyers — this time for commercial disputes.

Iraq Veterans Against by the War is a group of Iraq veterans who oppose the war.

Originally broadcast on Apr 3, 2007 – Take a listen to this programme!

Between March 2002 and March 2003, Prentice Reid served in the Military Infantry for one deployment in Iraq. In May of 2005, he was honourably discharged.

Reid claims that he had reservations about the battle from the start, but that his reservations grew stronger once he landed in Iraq. “From the beginning, the entire conflict was a fraud,” Reid claims. “There were no weapons of mass destruction.” There is no link with Osama bin Laden. I’m there at thinking we have had an enemy, but what I see as I drive around contradicts that every day.”

Reid worked as just a truck driver over Iraq, and now one of his duties included transporting Iraqi detainees to US-run prisons.

British Politician, Respect Member of Parliament

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British politician George Galloway is known for his left wing views, adversarial style and rhetorical abilities. He was previously the Labour Party’s MP for Glasgow Hillhead & Glasgow Kelvin before becoming the Respect MP for Bethnal Green & Bow.

Expelled from the Labour Party after making controversial statements against 2003 invasion of Iraq including “Iraq is fighting for all the Arabs,” he made several visits to Iraq and met with Saddam Hussein in 1994 and 2002. Is there any sign of the Arab army?”

A new socialist political group to the left of Labour, RESPECT The Unity Coalition, was formed in January 2004 by members of the Socialist Workers Party some of the most prominent members Association of Britain. In the general election of 2005, he was re-elected to Parliament as the party’s candidate.

Galloway’s book, Mr. Galloway Must go to Washington, landed him in the United States for a quick trip that included a stop in Washington, DC, where he shared his views on Iraq with Congress and the Senate.