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Blogger, political pundit, and broadcaster Brad Friedman is now an investigative citizen journalist/blogger. The BRAD BLOG was founded and is managed by him.

In addition to the “White House Website Scrubbing” and the “Tom Feeney/Clint Curtis/Yang Enterprise Vote-Rigging Scandal,” he broke the storey of the Republican front group “American Center for Voting Rights,” and the “Sleepover” E-Voting Machine controversy in San Diego’s Busby/Bilbray U.S. House Special Election, as well as various explosive exclusives on whistleblowers like FBI translator Si In fact, he’s been writing about election fraud and voter fraud ever since until November 3rd, 2004.

Additionally, he has been on various television shows such as CNN’s “State of the Union” and ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

The Huffington Post, Editor and Publishers, ComputerWorld, Columbus Free Press,, and Harvard’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism among other non-pornographic magazines and websites have published his essays and editorials.

Brad has appeared as a guest host on numerous radio shows, including those hosted by Peter B. Collins, Mike Malloy, and The Young Turks, among others. And he is a frequent guest in radio shows all around the country as the host of Brad Show, which is a radio show he co-produces on Internet media site RAW STORY. Visit for more info, online listening options, and archives of prior BRAD SHOW episodes. Audio and video recordings of previous appearances can be found here.


When it comes to alternative media, Brad is one of most insightful and persistent progressive voices. His work is much more than just terrific reading.” The job you’ve done and the courage with which you’ve spoken truth to power is greatly appreciated, and I thank you.

Conyers Jr., John (R-MI)

I want to express my gratitude at Brad for speaking up on this problem and for his dedication to ensuring fair elections across the United States.

Barbara Boxer, Senator from California

In the words of one of your admirers: “You are an American hero.”

Robert F. Kennedy Junior

One of the Paul Reveres of the [Election Integrity] movement, says Brad Friedman

Air America Radio’s Ring of Fire, Ring of Fire

You should visit if you really want to learn about current situation of our election process.” In his tireless pursuit of this issue, Brad Friedman has amassed an enormous amount of useful news and information.”

Catherine Crier, Crier Live on CourtTV

Electronic voting machine critics consider him to be “among the blogosphere’s most tenacious.”

The New York Times (NYT).

One of the state’s most consistent bloggers on the hazards of voting technology.

At the LA Times: –

Brad Friedman’s blog can be found at”

I think he’s on to something here, despite being a liberal leftwinger. Actually, I’m very sure he is. “

Roger Hedgecock  (Substitute Host for Rush Limbaugh)

This investigation into computerised voting, in my opinion, is deserving of the first Pulitzer Prize for internet investigative journalism.

According to NYTimes’’s Deborah White,

Thanks for all you do, and I’m grateful to have you in my life!

Rep. Maxine Waters

To be fair, Maxine [Waters] was my sister. However, I must surpass her…

But I’m not going to talk about it!”

“It’s been a pleasure reading your site. As I was asked recently about Diebold’s troubles, I mostly referred to your site. “Thank you so much for all you do!”

Cynthia McKinney, U.S. Rep

My favourite blog is The BRAD BLOG. “I’m a big fan.”

Joe Wilson, former U.S. ambassador

Please accept my sincere thanks for your blog. I’m in love with it! The place I go to every day is here. The information you can obtain from Brad is excellent, and I hope everybody reading this realises that. And it’s a lot of effort, too… “I don’t really how he does it, because it’s only around a thousand degrees here, yet he sits here looking as fresh as a daisy.”

In the words of the Randi Rhodes Show host,

Extraordinary coverage at Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas, where Brad interviewed me on The BRAD SHOW

We must keep up with the election scandal & reform storey by reading both John Conyers and BradBlog. We must all be aware of what we’re doing to prevent any more fraudulent elections. … BRANDON BLOG is a “leading defender” of “democracy in America.”

via Huffington Post: Jim Lampley, HBO/NBC Olympics Host

‘My favourite blog to pilfer from is the BRAD BLOG!’ says one reader.

Stephanie Miller, host of The Stephanie Miller Show:

You are one of the best bloggers that are constantly progressing.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Air America’s Ring of Fire with Mike Papantonio

“An absolute terrier when it comes to e-voting,” says the author.

– Robert X. Cringely, Information World

“…a blog written by a Brad.”

Comedy Central Presents: Al Franken

Every day, you should check out this webpage.

It’s Mike Malloy, host of Mike Malloy Show

“A powerful blend both investigative journalism and savage wit.”

The Sunday Monitor of KPFT

It’s important that people remember that on the BRAD SHOW and BRAD BLOG they’re getting news, information, and commentary that hasn’t been filtered via corporate interests.

the Green Party’s presidential candidate in 2004, David Cobb

The storey of electronic voting machines has been explored by Brad Friedman with the tenacity of maybe no other journalist in the field. Everyone interested in this topic should read BradBlog every day, and he’s using the platform the break several major stories.”

In selecting Brad “Truthdigger of the Week” by Robert Scheer’s, 11/3/06

In the struggle for election integrity, Brad Friedman is “the Paul Revere of a movement.”

The Politically Correct Show Host David Bender, Air America Radio

“Brad Friedman was one of the heroes I highlighted today, and I truly mean that…

In addition, you received cheers from the Detroit crowd; you are well-known around here, my friend.

For more than a decade Tony Trupiano has hosted the Tony Trupiano Show, a nationally syndicated talk show, and has run for Congress in 2006.

On the occasion of the Town Hall Meeting “Downing Street Memo” that John Conyers and he convened

“Many thanks for your kind words, Brad. To you and to us, democracy owes a great deal if it survives after many years of neglect.

Pro-democracy activist Mimi Kennedy (PDA)

This blog has been recognised as one of “our media heroes.”

As reported by the News Dissectors: Danny Schechter (When News Lies) and Michael Shermer (When News Dies), Danny Schechter is an author, filmmaker, and documentary filmmaker.

“I’d would like to commend you for your efforts… “

Just recall the guy who took it upon oneself as just a citizen to enter the fray and raise hell, Tom Paine, who was a superb pamphleteer. We could learn lots further about our government if more individuals did this, in my opinion.

Journalism professor and friend of Karl Rove, Bill Israel. Contributor for Editor & Publisher.

“I was anxious that no one would discuss the election fraud allegations when we took a pause to write our book…

“but Brad Friedman saved the day with his constant scooping!”

A co-author of “Did George W. Bush Stolen the 2004 Election?” is Columbus Free Press editor Bob Fitrakis.

On the irregularities in the 2004 election, “Why aren’t there any reporters here? Here they are… They’re paying attention to what The BRAD BLOG has to say, too. [Regarding O’Reilly’s fabrications regarding Jon Stewart’s character] “Brad deserves a pat on the back for cracking the case.” [about the irregularities in Ohio’s 2005 presidential election] This storey has being closely followed by the Brad Blog. On Karl Rove’s protests, “”””” In addition to Eyewitness Accounts and Audio As from Protest, the BRAD BLOG does have a LOT MORE. “Brad’s blog is going off the rails…” [Regarding Diebold and the “DIEB-THROAT” alias] Brad Blog provides the most recent…

CROOKS & LIARS, a blog by John Amato

It’s like a bloodhound, tracking down every instance of computerised voting fraud.

There was a newspaper called the Fairfield Daily Republic

It’s nice to see that my good friend BradBlog was quoted in the New York Times, too. For us, BradBlog takes care of the heavy lifting.”

American Blogospherist John Aravosis

“Brad Friedman, one of the most prominent bloggers in the country.”

Wisc. Public Radio’s Duke Skorich,

The Brad Blog is a daily must for me because Brad Friedman is among my favourite writers, as well as an all-around kind guy.

The Yellow Dog Blog’s Bob Geiger

When it comes to, if you haven’t checked it out, you should. Quite a bit of useful information… 2005 has been a terrific year for you, Brad.

As the host of Deadline Live radio show, Jack Blood

I can trust him because he’s an investigative journalist. He’s meticulous. The BRAD BLOG is the name of his fantastic blog.

The From Left Field host, KRLA’s Barry Gordon

E-voting devices may be used to steal elections, according to one blogger with a knack for investigating.

Blogosphere goes wild…

Matt Drudge, take care of business. Brad Friedman of BRAD BLOG is one of your makers. I’m giddy with anticipation… When it comes to e-voting, the Left may also need evidence like this to “bitch-slap” this country into reality.

BRAD BLOG and RAW STORY may have found their Matt Drudge in Liza Sabater, Culture Kitchen’s Liza Sabater.

In the tradition of Brad Friedman, he has the narrative.”

A must-read by Brad Friedman!

In the CannonFire blog of Joseph Cannon,

In the words of the host, “He’s one of best guests I’ve ever had.”

Sacramento, California, 1240 a.m., Christine Craft Show

“The BRAD BLOG was on fire recently!” The BRAD BLOG has already been diligently and meticulously reporting stories on voter fraud since the election… Consider the possibilities if The BRAD BLOG didn’t exist. Why were we unaware of it until now?

– DailyKos’s Bulldog Manifesto

The narrator says, “You’re an a—.”

Just On Radio Factor to Bill O’Reilly, Bill O’Reilly stated: