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Pat Elder

Opposing the destabilisation of youth in the United States Tuesday, April 16 – Previously aired Take a look at what’s going on! Pat Elder is a member of the National Channel Opposing the Destabilization of Youth’s (NNOMY) Coordinating Committee. NNOMY Over the past decade, Pat has been a well-known figure in the national movement for […]

Mary Shomon

Writer and Patient Advocate Basima Farhat is the host. Show Previously Aired On: Sept. 22nd, 2009- Take a look at the podcast! Mary Shomon, a patient advocate and writer, has dedicated her life to helping other thyroid, autoimmune, & weight loss patients overcome their own struggles. Mary is a well-known patient advocate and the author […]

Listen Live!

There are a few ways to listen to and participate in our shows. Your web-enabled smartphone can hear us! Please dial 1-712-432-0075 and enter access code 318116# to listen to the show from 8:55 to 9:55 p.m. ET on Tuesdays. You can call 1-415-762-1161 during the broadcast to leave a comment or ask a question. […]


Moret is an independent scientist and expert in the field of depleted uranium. Before This: Wednesday, Apr 23, 2008 – Please tune in! The International Criminal Tribunal in Afghanistan in Tokyo in 2003 heard testimony from Leuren Moret, an expert witness. She’s a radiation & public health expert who works for herself as a freelancer […]

Leslie Angeline Ellen Taylor

Members of Code Pink Code Pink Member Manijeh Saba also joined us in the conversation at the Code Pink house! An Older Episode Was Previously Aired On: February 12, 2008. Please tune in! Activists Ellen Taylor and Leslie Angeline both are members of Code Pink, a women’s peace group. After hearing Senator Lieberman’s proposal for […]

Dr. Les Roberts

Iraq War Mortality It was first broadcast on Jun 6, 2007 – It’s time to tune in! In addition to a Ph . d on environmental engineering at Johns Hopkins University, Les Roberts holds a B.S. in physics from Tulane University and an M.S. in public health at Tulane University. At the Center of Disease […]

Dave Meserve

Activist Formerly seen on: February 13th, 2008 Please tune in! “The federal government went stark, raving mad,” said Dave Meserve, who served as either a city council member in Arcata, California, from 2002 to 2006. The only way to safeguard our civil freedoms, uphold the Constitution, and create a thriving society is to unite at […]