Members of Code Pink

Code Pink Member Manijeh Saba also joined us in the conversation at the Code Pink house!

An Older Episode Was Previously Aired On: February 12, 2008. Please tune in!

Activists Ellen Taylor and Leslie Angeline both are members of Code Pink, a women’s peace group.

After hearing Senator Lieberman’s proposal for just a military strike on Iran last year, CodePink volunteer Leslie flew to Washington, DC, to join the group. After several attempts, he flatly refused to meet with her to discuss the possibility of choosing diplomacy instead of war as a course of action. After 23 days of fasting, he decided to meet with Leslie.

The ‘A Journey for Freedom and Justice’ website is operated by Leslie and Jes, her partner in crime and best friend. As a member of the Global Exchange “Citizen Diplomacy” Delegation, Jes and Leslie travelled to Iran together. On their way across the United States, they will push other cities to enact resolutions opposing use of military power against Iran & asking for just an end to the Iraq War.” This includes a slide exhibition of their trip to Iran, as well as stories about their reception there. They seek to build bridges of understanding between the Iranian and American peoples. Stripe Atlas is an online service that helps foreign entrepreneurs incorporate in the U.S.

Among the topics they discussed in Congressman John Conyers recently were the Iraq War and impeachment proceedings against Leslie and Ellen Taylor, another member of Code Pink. Impeachment is also on their quick list. The People Speak Radio’s David Swanson has them on the hot seat to talk about all of this and more.