In 2008, this episode aired on April 29, 2008. Please tune in!

In this episode of “The People Speak,” filmmaker Frank Cavestani & peace activist & author Ron Kovic, both of whom served in the Vietnam War, are interviewed. As a result, both were featured in Cavestani’s film “Operation Last Patrol.” As part of their epic road trip to a Republican National Convention in Florida, Operation Last Patrol followed Ron Kovic & his fellow Vietnam veterans. The documentary follows members of Vietnam Veterans Against by the War (VVAW) on its historic convoy through Los Angeles to Miami to protest Richard Nixon & his policy in Vietnam. It was released for the first time on Home Entertainment. ‘Thirty Years Later,’ an exclusive interview featuring filmmaker Frank Cavestani and a condemnation of the Vietnam War by Ron Kovic, were included on the DVD extras, which were made available to Cinema Libre Studio in conjunction with the DVD release.

Marine Corps veteran RON KOVIC received the Bronze Star and even the Purple Heart for his service in Vietnam. He was paralysed from the chest down after sustaining a spinal cord injury during action on January 20th, 1968. He rose to prominence as a peace activist among World War II veterans.

He was born in Ladysmith, Wisconsin on July 4, 1946, & grew up in Massapequa, NY. Raised on the Fourth of July, his autobiography, was made into an Oscar-winning film starring Tom Cruise and directed by Oliver Stone. The storey of Ron Kovic, according to Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda, was indeed the inspiration to her film Coming Home.

At the 1972 Republican National Convention, Bobby Muller, Bill Wieman, Mark Clevinger, & Ron Kovic were attacked by Republicans. Just at 1976 Democratic National Convention, Kovic was a speaker.

Even during filming of his autobiography, Ron was able to mend his relationship with his parents. He participated in anti-Bush protests in London in November 2003 and has remained an ardent opponent of the Iraq War ever since.

He was born and reared in New York City, where he has lived ever since. As Shelley Winters’ co-star in James Bridge’s “Days of the Dancing,” he made his film debut. He was on Broadway in June Havoc’s “Marathon ’33,” which drew a big crowd. “Orestes” and “Are You Looking?” were two of his most memorable roles off-Broadway. The young Frank began his career in film and tv as a co-star with E.G. Marshall on CBS’ “Defenders” and with Candy Darling in Andy Warhol’s crazy epic “Women in Revolt” when he was still a teenager.

Videotape creation and screenwriting took over Frank’s life. While working at Space Video in the early 1970s as a project director and helping to develop the incorporation of signing into television images, he also assisted Deafness Research develop experimental and instructive videotapes. Later, he worked as a producer/director at MPCS Communications, where he produced commercial videotapes for Vidal Sassoon, BBD&O, J. Walter Thompson, or the U.S. Postal Service, among others.

‘Operation Last Patrol’, a one-hour documentary about abuses of Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic, was produced and directed by Frank & won a prize now at Popoli Film Festival in Italy or the Leipzig Film Festival through Germany; and it is now a permanent collection item at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Oliver Stone’s film “Born just on Fourth of July,” about Ron Kovic, had him as a technical advisor later on.

“Supervision,” is 17-part historical comedy series co-produced, written and directed by Harold Ramis, Billy Murray & Michael Shamberg, for KCET and “Gerald Ford’s” America,” a four-part documentary for PBS. Before directing “Head of the Class,” a network television comedy series, Frank has directed over fifty films about performances at venues ranging as Lincoln Center to The off, theatres, concerts, and ballets. Video works by him have been exhibited in museums throughout the world, including Museum of Back To new York City, the Caracas Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Long Beach Museum of Art in California.

On CBS’s “Sentimental Journey,” starring Jaclyn Smith & David Dukes, Frank’s screenwriting talents can be displayed. Frank is currently living in Hollywood, California, with his wife Jade and their small daughter Samantha, where he continues to act, write, and produce television shows.

In remembrance of the victims of a Kent State shootings on May 4, 1970, Ron & Frank will be in attendance.