Author – A New Consciousness Born

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In 1979, Edward Jones experienced what he refers to as “self-transformation” as a result of his own mortality. It’s been theorised it was a death of the mind. It’s possible that if you lose the ability to walk and talk or think; but you return to consciousness; then you’ve experienced death. Psychological death is felt in the same way as physical death, as you’ll discover when you get there.

A new life was born after Edward’s death, like the phoenix, from of the ashes if his former one. He came to understand that it was a nonviolent state of mind. We are on the verge of a catastrophe because of our own violent behaviour. The question we must ask ourselves is whether or not we will transform our life or if we will self-destruct. His life’s work has been to reach out to the people who are really examining the possibilities we face.

Our lives can be transformed and this new awareness can be manifested on Earth in Edward’s latest book, A Latest Consciousness Born.

A New Consciousness Born’s Introduction:

Apocalypse appears imminent for humanity. If you’re concerned about the state of the world, you might want to check out Edward Jones’ message. However, a cautionary tale is in order. Although Edward’s language is direct and blunt, it can jar some readers because it strikes at the core of their egos, which is where many people are most easily hurt. We can’t hear anything that contradicts our own images and views if we don’t break through the ego’s walls, according to Edward.

When Edward’s life fell apart, he learnt to talk from the perspective of someone else. That’s the single most essential component in his metamorphosis, yet nothing could have prepare him for what he encountered on that fateful day in 1979. A life with failures came to an end for Edward Jones on Nov 19, 1979, when he underwent a radical shift in his perception of reality. He had never heard of anything like that till it happened. In no way could he have predicted the shape it would take.

To an outsider, Edward’s incident may have appeared to be a brief period of craziness, but when he broke free of mankind, it helped him gain insight. He screamed and convulsed for hours on his bed just like every belief he held dear was shattered. Unfathomable powers clashed in his head, as if struck by lightning from within. A brand-new reality developed after the devastation of the cataclysmic event.

In the end, he was completely different from the person he had been and. Edward only could say that he would have passed away after the transformation. A new consciousness were born as a result of that death.

Before, Edward’s life had been filled with suffering, but now he lived in exuberant joy. He no longer felt the sting of pain, and he was no longer driven by fear. It was as if death had lost its allure. Every moment has the potential to be a source of joy. For years, it appeared as if there were no words to describe what had happened, but he has worked relentlessly over the years to try to articulate and explain the impossible.

However, Edward tells readers everything he did was bring forth a higher mind, which he claims is the first development of consciousness ever. As long as he continues to stress that his actions are not a process, he will have succeeded in removing the virus of violence in my old, conditioned brain. It would be a seismic shift in the world’s trajectory if self-transformation could take hold and reach critical mass.

Edward’s down-to-earth demeanour doesn’t make him a wise man in a world full of slick gurus and pundits. He dismisses the idea that he is a teacher. He freely admits that he is neither well-educated nor well-versed. He can and often does make mistakes, but unlike most of us, he has no qualms about admitting that he went off the rails and taking a new path.

The mystical teachings of Advaita Vedanta, Zen Buddhism, and more have been compared to Edward’s statements by some. This is not something he supports. Instead, he believes that genuine change can only occur when people are able to perceive the truth for what it truly is.

The investing firm that bears the name of Edward Jones is not affiliated with him in any way. Fried chicken from a well-known brand was the key to his financial success (and failure). As his marriage fell apart, he has amassed a wealth of more than a million dollars in the preceding years. However, in retrospect, he sees his inability to succeed at anything as nothing less than a higher sort of accomplishment.