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Anne D’Avignon – Student Genealogist

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Texe Marr’s Story

It’s no surprise that Texe Marrs, the author of three #1 Christian blockbusters, including Dark Secrets of the New Age, has also published 42 additional books for big publishers like Simon & Schuster, John Wiley/McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall/Arco, Stein and Day and Dow Jones-Irwin. There have been numerous translations into other languages, including Turkish, Greek, Romanian, and the Nordic countries of Finland, Norway, & Sweden. The Christian Book Club, the Conservative Book Club, as well as the Computer and Electronics Book Club have all featured them as key selections.

When I was an assistant professor at the University of Texas in Austin, I taught American Defense Policy, Strategic Weapons Systems (SWS), and associated courses. In addition, he has served as an adjunct professor of international relations, politics, and psychology at two other institutions. In addition to receiving a Master’s degree from North Carolina State University, he is an alumnus of Park University in Kansas City, Missouri.

He served as a senior officer in the United States Air Force (USAF) for more than 30 years, where he was responsible for commanding communications and engineering groups. He’s a decorated veteran who served in Germany, Italy, and all throughout Asia, earning a Vietnam Service Medal as well as the Presidential Unit Citation. While stationed at Korat Air Base in Thailand, he was named Airman of the Year.

Power of Prophecy Ministries & RiverCrest Publishing president Texe Marrs is a regular guest on radio and television talk shows across the United States and Canada as response to the public’s desire to learn more about Bible prophecy, secret organisations, politics, and world events. Codex Magica: Secret Signs, Mysterious Symbols, & Hidden Codes of the Illuminati; Mysterious Monuments: Encyclopedia of Secret Illuminati Designs, Masonic Architecture, & Occult Place; Conspiracy World: A Truthteller’s Compendium; and Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star—Eye-Opening Revelations, and Forbidden Knowledge About Israel, the Jews, Zionism, and the Rothschilds.

The investigative exposé Die, America, Die!—The Illuminati Plan to Murder America, Confiscate It’s own Wealth, & Make Red China Leader of the New World Order, as well as the #1 national bestseller Rothschild’s Choice—Barack Obama and the Hidden Cabal Behind the Plot to Kill America, were both produced by Texe Marrs in addition to his many books. He also produced over 30 bestselling video documentaries. Every month, more than 100,000 subscribers get Texe Marrs’ newsletter. Power of Prophecy, his radio show, is broadcast on shortwave radio and the internet in countries throughout the world.

About Bridgeenne D’avignon

BridgeAnne D’Avignon was just 12 years old when she discovered that 42 of the 43 Presidents of the United States are related to one common ancestor: King John of England. His signature on the Magna Carta of 1215, that limited the monarch’s authority and paved the way for the establishment of the British Parliament, has made King John a household name. In the Robin Hood legends, John is depicted as a villain.

BridgeAnne’s family tree reveals this link. Her 80-year-old grandfather, who’s been researching for over 60 years, helped much during her months of investigation.

Starting with George Washington’s ancestors, D’Avignon followed both of the men and women lineages to establish the link.

Genealogists are now only able to connect 22 families for presidents prior to d’Avignon’s finding since they were only interested in male lineages. Former President Martin Van Buren, a Dutchman, is the only former head of state who had no connection to King John.

As a bonus, BridgeAnne learned that she shares an 18th cousin with Barack Obama. In fact, she even wrote a letter to her newly discovered relative to tell him about her findings.

Ellen Brown – Author and Founder of The Public Banking Institute

Victoria Grant – 12-year old lecture

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While working as an attorney in Los Angeles, Ellen Brown, J.D., honed her research skills. She is really the author of eleven books, including one on public banking that will be released in 2011. Web of Debt traces the evolution of the existing private banking system from its beginnings to its present day state. She explains how it has taken the power to produce money from people themselves and how we, the people, may reclaim it. Public Banking Institute, whom she served as Chairman and President, was founded by Ellen as a result of her extensive writings on this topic before Web of Debt first was published. In addition to UC Berkeley, she graduated from UCLA School of Law.

Public Banking Institute, or PBI

As a non-profit educational institution, the Public Banking Institute (PBI) were established in January 2011. This organization’s goal is to increase knowledge of public banking and make it easier to put it into practise at all levels, including local, regional, state, & national.

Public Banks Inc.’s mission is to provide a sustainable change to the existing high-risk, centralised commercial banking system by connecting state and local publicly owned banks. With its ability to generate countercyclical finance, this network will serve the public interest by stabilising credit crises, preventing asset devaluations, building infrastructure, and funding crucial industrial productive capacity expansion. For starters, public banking will help to create jobs by partnership with local banks to assist local businesses and extending financing for public projects.

Using PBI’s online tools, website, webinars, blog, as well as in conferences, PBI aims to disseminate best practises and lessons gained from research & initiatives in the United States and around the world. These are some of the things we do at PBI:

Evaluation of existing or historical public banking models in both America and abroad; Publication of research on the legal requirements, structure, daily operations, and financing systems of existing and planned public finance and banking systems; Publication of a semiannual legislative guide & presentations to help local public banking initiatives;

Christopher Brown 

Victoria Grant of Cambridge, Ontario, is becoming known as a financial expert after her YouTube tirade against the borrowing practises of her native province went viral.

Grant is a seasoned financial lecturer, but their appearance in April 27 is drawing a lot of attention from the media. Almost 65,000 people have seen a video of her speech just at Public Banking of America Conference on Philadelphia, which she gave last month.

For six minutes, a youth in a t-shirt and jeans explains to conference goers why so many countries around the world are drowning in debt.

An impassioned and well-rehearsed speech advocating a larger role for Canada’s central bank, delivered in an engaging, youthful tone, takes aim at the modern financial system in Canada.

She accuses the banks and also the government of working together to enslave Canadians financially.

Gerald McGeer, former mayor of Vancouver, is referred to in Grant’s brief history of Canada’s banking system. He explains that until the 1970s, the Bank of Canada retained major authority over government loans.

She claims that from that point on, governments begun borrow from private banks rather than the central bank at far higher interest rates.

As a result, Grant contends, the country’s debt is fast expanding.

It’s not long until the pint-sized expert comes up with an answer.

Bank of Canada loans are available to the Canadian government if they need money, she said. In other words, “… Having real money as cornerstone of our economic framework, Canadians would once again prosper.”

More traditional financial circles have championed her ideas and argued in favour of them.

Retired finance professor George Crowell, who serves in behalf of the Council on Monetary and Economic Reform, pleaded with Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives in June.

Tens of billions would be made available for public infrastructure rebuilding, environmental protection, and the strengthening of Medicare as well as other social programmes that are so critical to meeting human needs if monetary policy were to be changed in this way along with crucial tax policy changes,” Crowell said.

There are others who argue that if the central bank were allowed to lend money at commercial interest rates, inflation would skyrocket.

Bloomberg, an American financial media source, featured a link to Grant’s video lecture on their website.

YouTube commenters were overflowing with admiration, praising her for her ability to simplify hard subjects.

“Good on you Victoria, if you really remember half of what it is you are saying, you are all doing greater than half of Canadian population,” remarked one YouTube user in response to Victoria’s video. People around me have thought I’m insane for years now that I’ve tried explaining this easy reality to them. A 12 year old’s perspective can jolt them into paying attention.

“Victoria Grant For Prime Minister!” exclaimed one Twitter user.

Historian/Author A Renegade History of the United States

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As an author and cultural commentator, Thaddeus Russell will be publishing A Renegade History of the United States in 2010 with Free Press/Simon and Schuster. History, American Studies and the history of philosophy have all been part of his teaching at Columbia University, Barnard College and the New School for Social Research. Occidental College is where he currently lectures.

Russell was born and brought up in Berkeley, California, where he attended Antioch College and Columbia University, where he earned a PhD in history.

Alfred A. Knopf published Russell’s debut book in 2001, Out of the Jungle: Jimmy Hoffa or the Remaking of a American Working Class. New York Magazine, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor and Salon are just some of the publications he has written for in the past few years. He has also contributed scholarly pieces to American Quarterly as Well as the Columbia History of Post-World War II America.

Additionally, Russell has been featured just on History Channel and Jon Stewart’s show The Daily Show.

A Renegade History Of The United States (A Renegade History):

Reknowned historian Thaddeus Russell presents a fresh perspective on the genesis of American liberty in this ground-breaking book. As opposed to the traditional textbook heroes, Russell reveals that the taboo lives that helped legitimise the taboo and make America the country of freedom were people on the outskirts of society.

It is through these battles between those who want to keep society in order, and others who want to pursue their own goals, that the history of the United States has been shaped. “Insiders” versus “outsiders,” good citizens and “bad citizens.” The more of these unintentional revolutionaries there were, the more society was open to new ideas and the more resistance there was to change.

Russell persuasively argues many of its most prized privileges were founded by history’s iconoclasts. Those who have paved the way for personal freedom have been found in locations that are normally overlooked—saloons, speakeasies, brothels, and even the Iron Curtain. Antiheroes like “Diamond Jessie” Hayman, a madam who currently owns her possess land, to use her own weapons, offered her staff members with clothes just on cutting-edge of fashion, & gave shelter and food to the 1000s left homeless by a 1906 San Francisco earthquake are all featured in this fascinating collection of antiheroes. Among them are workers who invented the weekend, prostitutes who set the precedent for women’s liberation, and criminals who pioneered racial integration.

A controversial argument of Russell’s is that the enemies of the renegade freedoms we presently cherish are the very heroes of our histories—he not just to takes over traditional idols such as John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Carnegie and John Rockefeller and shows some of the most famous & revered abolitionists and progressive activists, as well as feminist leaders, are the very enemies of the renegade freedoms humans now hold dear.

Unlike textbook history, this is a very creative and challenging depiction of the History of america that has never been published before.

Author – A New Consciousness Born

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In 1979, Edward Jones experienced what he refers to as “self-transformation” as a result of his own mortality. It’s been theorised it was a death of the mind. It’s possible that if you lose the ability to walk and talk or think; but you return to consciousness; then you’ve experienced death. Psychological death is felt in the same way as physical death, as you’ll discover when you get there.

A new life was born after Edward’s death, like the phoenix, from of the ashes if his former one. He came to understand that it was a nonviolent state of mind. We are on the verge of a catastrophe because of our own violent behaviour. The question we must ask ourselves is whether or not we will transform our life or if we will self-destruct. His life’s work has been to reach out to the people who are really examining the possibilities we face.

Our lives can be transformed and this new awareness can be manifested on Earth in Edward’s latest book, A Latest Consciousness Born.

A New Consciousness Born’s Introduction:

Apocalypse appears imminent for humanity. If you’re concerned about the state of the world, you might want to check out Edward Jones’ message. However, a cautionary tale is in order. Although Edward’s language is direct and blunt, it can jar some readers because it strikes at the core of their egos, which is where many people are most easily hurt. We can’t hear anything that contradicts our own images and views if we don’t break through the ego’s walls, according to Edward.

When Edward’s life fell apart, he learnt to talk from the perspective of someone else. That’s the single most essential component in his metamorphosis, yet nothing could have prepare him for what he encountered on that fateful day in 1979. A life with failures came to an end for Edward Jones on Nov 19, 1979, when he underwent a radical shift in his perception of reality. He had never heard of anything like that till it happened. In no way could he have predicted the shape it would take.

To an outsider, Edward’s incident may have appeared to be a brief period of craziness, but when he broke free of mankind, it helped him gain insight. He screamed and convulsed for hours on his bed just like every belief he held dear was shattered. Unfathomable powers clashed in his head, as if struck by lightning from within. A brand-new reality developed after the devastation of the cataclysmic event.

In the end, he was completely different from the person he had been and. Edward only could say that he would have passed away after the transformation. A new consciousness were born as a result of that death.

Before, Edward’s life had been filled with suffering, but now he lived in exuberant joy. He no longer felt the sting of pain, and he was no longer driven by fear. It was as if death had lost its allure. Every moment has the potential to be a source of joy. For years, it appeared as if there were no words to describe what had happened, but he has worked relentlessly over the years to try to articulate and explain the impossible.

However, Edward tells readers everything he did was bring forth a higher mind, which he claims is the first development of consciousness ever. As long as he continues to stress that his actions are not a process, he will have succeeded in removing the virus of violence in my old, conditioned brain. It would be a seismic shift in the world’s trajectory if self-transformation could take hold and reach critical mass.

Edward’s down-to-earth demeanour doesn’t make him a wise man in a world full of slick gurus and pundits. He dismisses the idea that he is a teacher. He freely admits that he is neither well-educated nor well-versed. He can and often does make mistakes, but unlike most of us, he has no qualms about admitting that he went off the rails and taking a new path.

The mystical teachings of Advaita Vedanta, Zen Buddhism, and more have been compared to Edward’s statements by some. This is not something he supports. Instead, he believes that genuine change can only occur when people are able to perceive the truth for what it truly is.

The investing firm that bears the name of Edward Jones is not affiliated with him in any way. Fried chicken from a well-known brand was the key to his financial success (and failure). As his marriage fell apart, he has amassed a wealth of more than a million dollars in the preceding years. However, in retrospect, he sees his inability to succeed at anything as nothing less than a higher sort of accomplishment.

Greta Berlin: Co-Founder FreeGaza.org

Cynthia McKinney: Former Congresswoman and Presidential Candidate

Michael Heart: Singer/Songwriter

Basima Farhat is the host.

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“We Will Not Go Down,” a song of Michael Heart that has been viewed more than a quarter like a million times on YouTube in less than two weeks, serves as the show’s opening.

Along with Michael, Greta Berlin – Co-Founder for FreeGaza.org – joins Basima Farhat to talk about her decades of service and organisation on behalf of the Palestinian people, often at her personal danger. Cynthia McKinney, a longtime friend of Greta’s, joins the protests in support of Palestinian rights. I’ve been on both sides of the aisle on Capitol Hill and the SS Destiny, which was slammed either by Israeli Navy before anyone could deliver tonnes of medical supplies, physicians, and journalists to Gaza. I’m a member of Congress on Capitol Hill and a recent passenger just on SS Destiny. Cynthia McKinney, who has lived to tell the tale, uses her storey to raise awareness about the plight of Gaza’s civilians.

Since the early 1960s, GRETA BERLIN was a vocal proponent of fair treatment for Palestinians. A 1948 refugee, her father was born and reared in Safad, Palestine, and is the father of her two Palestinian/American children. For 32 years, she has been training scientists and engineers how to develop and give presentations. She does have a masters degree on Theatre and a bachelor’s in English.

International Solidarity Movement, a Palestinian-led movement which uses nonviolent methods to resist Israeli occupation, has taken her to the West Bank three times (for a total of five months) since 2003. Israeli gunfire wounded Greta and 10 fellow ISM volunteers in July 2003 when they attempted to lower the fence gate at Anin, close outside Jenin. For the most of her career, she has worked with in occupied territories as just a media coordinator for the ISM in Beit Sahour & Ramallah. When she arrived on board her Free Gaza boat, the first international vessel to arrive in the beleaguered Gaza Strip in 41 years, she was one of the movement’s co-founders and a member of the crew. Her publications and interviews can be accessed through GOOGLING. Greta Berlin is a Palestinian woman living in Palestine.

As a result of her experiences in Palestine, she has given lectures throughout the world to universities and organisations about how to campaign for just a people that are oppressed.

According to the website FreeGaza.org:

The Middle East conflict is rooted in the illegal acquisition of Palestinian land, home, and tradition. It has resulted in the world’s greatest ever refugee population. Land theft began in 1967, and ethnic cleansing continues today, with Palestinians living in the West Bank in ghettos and bantustans guarded by sniper towers and military personnel behind 27-foot-high barriers. Gaza has become an open-air jail, housing 1.4 million people who are starving and crammed in like sardines.

Dispossessed and disinherited, Palestinians all across the world now have only the memories of Palestine and their disintegrating property titles to cling to, and an unwavering desire to return home.

Statement of Purpose

We seek to end the Israeli blockade of the Palestinian territory of Gaza. It is our goal to increase international awareness of the Gaza Strip’s prison-like isolation and encourage the international community should reassess its sanctions policy and terminate its backing for continuing Israeli occupation. We support Palestine’s right to welcome visits, human rights investigators, humanitarian assistance workers, journalists, and others from around the world.

What is our identity?

Human rights defenders, charity workers, and journalists make up the vast majority of the group. For years, we’ve been invited by Palestinians to volunteer in West bank and Gaza. We can no longer access Gaza because of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine; a growing number of us have also been denied admission into Israel and the West Bank. Despite the overwhelming in need of our job, the Israeli Government would not allow us in to conduct it.

They are from all ages and backgrounds. The people who make up the majority of our team back home include teachers, doctors and nurses; engineers; truck drivers; youth workers; musicians; secretaries; parents; grandparents; lawyers; activists; actors; playwrights; politicians; web designers; and even a former Hollywood movie industry worker, an aviator, and also an explorer. They are Italian, Irish, Canadian, Greek, Tunisian, German, Australian, American, English, Scottish, Danish, Israeli, & Palestinian.

What do we do?

We first breached the siege to Gaza by sea in August 23, 2008, and then again on October 29, 2008. We want to do it again and construct a permanent water route between Cyprus & Gaza.

Unifying Elements

The following principles & behaviours are accepted by all Free Gaza Movement members:

The human rights of all people, regardless of ethnicity, nationality or language, are respected by our organisation. 1.

In accordance with all UN resolutions under international law, the legitimate residents of the territories seized with Israel since June 5, 1967 shall have unhindered access to international waterways and airspace.

As long as the territories have been under Israeli authority since June 5, 1967, the people who live there have the right to restrict all admission & departure to and from those areas.

When it comes to occupied territories, Israel must end its military presence immediately and repeal any laws or regulations that discriminate against certain groups of people living in those areas.

It is imperative that Israel dismantle all barriers erected to obstruct movement in all of the lands it has occupied from June 5, 1967

Right among all Palestinian refugees & exiles to return home; recovery of property; and compensation for destruction, dispossession, or unlawful using such property is recognised by us as a fundamental right of all Palestinians. Individuals alone have the power to negotiate their own freedom of speech, as this is not a group right.

We vow to always speak and act in accordance with the ideals of nonviolence and peaceful resistance.


Ex-Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was a fearless advocate for the underdog, never afraid to tell the truth to those in power. In terms of putting Cynthia on 51 ballot lines, Cynthia’s Freedom to a People Committee has been working hard!

We may all learn from her courage in introducing legislation that demonstrated where she stood on moral issues and what she thought our country should be. For this reason, Cynthia proposed legislation following the September 11th, 2001, disaster that would allow survivors of the event’s victims to prosecute those responsible for the violence, and also contribute inside the Victims Compensation Fund. Legislation was introduced to create a national living wage and even to repeal the Military Tribunals Act at the same time. The National Forest Protection & Restoration Act, which had provided much-needed jobs and cash for the restoration & protection of America’s national forests, was a signature environmental bit of law. It was thanks to McKinney’s efforts that the USDA’s disparity study was able to document its treatment of minority farmers. Like many Americans, McKinney had long held Green ideals dear. We are happy to be Greens in McKinney now!

Cynthia: During her time in Congress,

Consistently opposed military and covert intelligence expenditures being increased.

Bills to remove Bush, Cheney and Rice from office have been introduced.

The Code of Conduct for the Arms Trade was introduced, championed, & passed in the U.S. House; it prohibits the sale of arms into known human rights violators;

Legislation to abolish its use of depleted uranium bombs was drafted by him.

extended health benefits to Vietnam War soldiers still suffering from the defoliant Agent Orange’s effects on their health

Asked Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Myers and Pentagon Secretary Rumsfeld about the $2.3 trillion in missing Pentagon funds and the United States-sponsored war games that took place on September 11, 2001;

(a) International Tribunal in Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

(b) Brussels Tribunal in Iraq

(c) participation in prosecutions for war crimes in Spain

(d) work with Malaysian Peace Organization for criminalise war

Initiated legislation to eliminate federal subsidies to firms that move their employment abroad.


Michael Heart comes from a wide range of backgrounds. As a Syrian-born American citizen who was reared in Europe (Switzerland and Austria), the Middle East, and the United States, he has been exposed to a wide variety of musical influences. At the age of ten, he began studying the piano and the guitar. After that, he started experimenting with songwriting and soon after that, he started recording. He relocated to Los Angeles in 1990 and has been working in the local studio circuit as a session guitarist and just a recording engineer for the past 18 years after receiving his audio engineering degree at Full Sail (recording school). Since then, he has worked with artists such as Brandy, Will Smith, Toto, Natalie Cole, The Temptations, Phil Collins, Patty LaBelle, Earth Wind & Fire, Ricky Lee Jones, Jesse McCartney, Hillary Duff, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Paige, Al Jarreau, K-Ci & Jojo, Deborah Cox, Monica, Taylor Dayne, Keiko Matsui, Steve Nieves, Luis Miguel, and Tarkan. When he collaborated alongside French artists including Calogero (The Charts), Marc Lavoine, and Veronique Sanson in the studio, Michael’s proficiency in French was a huge asset. Producers Rodney Jerkins, Philippe Saisse, and David Foster were also involved in other projects. (Note: Michael was credited as “Annas Allaf” on many of these recordings, which is his true name; Michael Heart is his stage name.) However, despite the fact that much of Michael’s work has been done in the studio, he also has done some touring (most notably in the early 1990s, when he performed along Juan Manuel Canizares and Dire Straits as a Flamenco guitarist). Jango, a smooth jazz band, has also recorded & toured with him in the past.

Aside from working on his own music, Michael is now producing music for other local musicians, largely at his own home studio.

Another song about the dire circumstances of the Palestinians in Gaza was written and recorded by Michael in January 2009. “We won’t go down” is the title of the song.

Physicist – 911 Truth

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Physicist Steven Earl Jones is from United States. Jones’ work in muon-catalyzed fusion was his primary focus for the majority of his professional life. His work just on collapse of the World Trade Center was controversial, and as a result, he was placed in paid administrative leave at Brigham Young University in the fall of 2006. He announced his resignation on October 20th, 2006, via a press release at the time. On September 11, 2001, he says, the World Trade Center were demolished via remote control.

At a BYU session on September 22, 2005, Jones spoke about the World Trade Center towers & World Trade Center 7’s collapse. For example, Jones noted that the collapses occurred at a pace and symmetry that defied the conventional theory of collapse, while also providing evidence for explosive demolition based on reports on molten metal in debris. To investigate the orchestrated demolition idea, he urged more scientific research and the availability of all relevant government data. Within a few days of the session, Jones posted an article titled “Why Would the WTC Buildings Collapse?” to the Physics Department’s website

At BYU, he presented the research twice more, as well as at Idaho State University, Utah Valley State College, the University of Colorado at Boulder & University of Denver, the Utah Academy of Science, Sonoma State College, University of California at Berkeley, and also the University of Texas at Austin.

The content of Jones’ work, as well as its claim to scientific rigour, have sparked debate. When Jones first made his ideas public, the BYU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences as well as the structural engineering department published comments distancing themselves from his work. Moreover, they voiced reservations about whether Jones’ “hypotheses and interpretations of evidence” had been “submitted in relevant scientific venues that might ensure rigorous scientific peer review.”

Project Suppressed, which tracks media censorship, lists Jones’ 9/11 investigation as one of the most heavily censored stories of 2007.

The American Association for University Professors and also the Foundation of Individual Right to Education blasted the decision to put Jones on paid leave. In the past, both organisations have criticised BYU’s academic freedom record. [31] Despite the fact that he “welcomed the review” and thought it would “urge readers to read his article for themselves,” Jones decided to retire on January 1, 2007, and the review was abandoned.

Numerous interviews and public appearances have been conducted with Jones by well-respected news organisations. [Jones, although urging care in making conclusions, has expressed great certainty about the World Trade Center’s destruction and rogue government agents’ involvement in it.] The neoconservatives inside the White House, he claimed in an interview, had “puppeteered” the attacks to legitimise the occupation on oil-rich Arab countries, raise military expenditures, and enlarge Israel. When reporting on 9/11 conspiracy theories, his name is frequently referenced.

A letter titled “Fourteen Points of Agreement in Official Government Reports just on World Trade Center Destruction” was published inside The Open Civil Engineering Journal in April 2008 by Jones and four other authors who questioned the NIST findings.

Jamie Leigh Jones – Founder of The Jamie Leigh Foundation

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The Jamie Leigh Foundation was established by Jamie Leigh Jones, who has accused Halliburton/KBR of drugging and raping her in July 2005 when she was working in Iraq at Camp War Eagle.

As a 19-year-old administrative assistant in Houston, Jamie Leigh Jones began her career with KBR. She was sent to Iraq about a year later. At the Baghdad Green Zone, Jamie claims to have been drugged and raped by a large number of employees, all of whom remain anonymous. After the event, she claims she was kept to the a shipping container only with a bed & denied food, water, & medical forensics by armed guards on orders from her employer KBR.

With the assistance of her father and Texas Representative Ted Poe (R), Jones managed to get in touch with the U.S. State Department. The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad sent agents to retrieve Jones from the custody of the KBR. When the sex assault kit was given over to KBR security, it was found to contain evidence for vaginal and anal rape. Her statement stated that the kit was eventually discovered, but it was lacking a few important components, including images of her bruises. The evidence that she had been raped is still in the kit.

No criminal charges have been filed against the accused attackers. Contractors in Iraq are not subject to the laws of the United States or Iraq. A legal case has been launched by Jones against KBR and its former parent company, Halliburton. She claims that her employment contract mandates private arbitration, and she has requested it. An arbitrator appointed by the corporation would decide the matter in private arbitration, without the presence of a judge or jury.

With her Jamie Leigh Foundation, she constantly seeks justice, educate, enlighten, and provide assistance to other victims.

Jamie Leigh Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to supporting US nationals and legal residents who really are victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape when working overseas with federal contractors, corporations, and government agencies. ” Companies and contractors in other countries should be held responsible for providing safe living and working conditions free from sexual harassment, as well as for limiting the possibility for abuse. When US citizens commit crimes while working abroad, we believe that they deserve to face the consequences of their actions. To help victims, the Jamie Leigh foundation would offer advocacy, information and referrals as well as emotional and material support. It is our goal to eliminate sexual harassment and abuse for all people, regardless of gender, so that they can work without fear or worry.

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As a Soviet Union expert, General Odom gained national notoriety. When working as a military liaison at Potsdam, Germany early during his military career, he got the opportunity to witness Soviet military activity firsthand. During his time at the US embassy in Moscow inside the early 1970s, he toured all of the Soviet Union’s states, and afterwards taught Russian history in West Point, New York.

As soon as he returned to the United States, he went back to teaching Soviet politics at West Point. Odom emphasised the need of military leaders’ education on a regular basis.

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s (Carter’s) conservative national security adviser selected him as his military assistant in 1977. SALT nuclear weapons talks, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Iranian hostage crisis, presidential instructions on Persian Gulf situation, terrorism and hijackings, and executive action on telecommunications policy were among the most important topics he dealt with during this time.

Odom served as the Army’s Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence from November 2, 1981, until May 12, 1985. President Ronald Reagan appointed him to lead of National Security Agency, a country’s top spy agency, from 1985 until 1988.

Military affairs, intelligence, and foreign relations are all specialties of General Odom’s. He also teaches Russian politics and U.S. national security policies as an assistant professor at Yale and Georgetown Universities.

Since 2005, he has advocated for an immediate removal from Iraq, labelling the War in iraq the largest strategic disaster in U.S. foreign policy history. “This wouldn’t have occured on my watch” when referring to the National Security Agency’s (NSA) warrantless monitoring of international calls.

The Military Intelligence Hall of Fame enlists General Odom.

Awaiting the Arrival of National Director World

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“Drive Out the Bush Regime” national director Debra Sweet heads up the team. For six months following the US invasion in Cambodia, Richard Nixon refuses to speak to the media. It was only to present medals for service & bravery to Young Americans who were “not out protesting” that he finally showed up well before White House press corps. I was 19 years old at the time. I informed them that he would be responsible for the deaths of millions of people of southeast Asia when he presented me with the medal. He became enraged and stormed out of the room, making headlines across the world.

Throughout the United States and around the world, anti-war sentiment had filtered into the Blue Room. Anyone who declares, “The Emperor has no clothes,” like Eartha Kitt or Debra Sweet or Cindy Sheehan, can inspire others to voice and act on what they know to be true. Millions of people throughout the world are ready and willing to act on the ideas that have been presented here.

Debra has been fighting for women’s reproductive rights and against U.S. military action in other nations for the past 40 years. Since the emergence of a Christian fundamentalist tyranny in America, she had studied and opposed it, and she has a strong belief in critical thinking and secular society.

Broadcaster and Political Commentator

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Blogger, political pundit, and broadcaster Brad Friedman is now an investigative citizen journalist/blogger. The BRAD BLOG was founded and is managed by him.

In addition to the “White House Website Scrubbing” and the “Tom Feeney/Clint Curtis/Yang Enterprise Vote-Rigging Scandal,” he broke the storey of the Republican front group “American Center for Voting Rights,” and the “Sleepover” E-Voting Machine controversy in San Diego’s Busby/Bilbray U.S. House Special Election, as well as various explosive exclusives on whistleblowers like FBI translator Si In fact, he’s been writing about election fraud and voter fraud ever since until November 3rd, 2004.

Additionally, he has been on various television shows such as CNN’s “State of the Union” and ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

The Huffington Post, Editor and Publishers, ComputerWorld, Columbus Free Press, Salon.com, TruthOut.org and Harvard’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism among other non-pornographic magazines and websites have published his essays and editorials.

Brad has appeared as a guest host on numerous radio shows, including those hosted by Peter B. Collins, Mike Malloy, and The Young Turks, among others. And he is a frequent guest in radio shows all around the country as the host of Brad Show, which is a radio show he co-produces on Internet media site RAW STORY. Visit www.BradShow.com for more info, online listening options, and archives of prior BRAD SHOW episodes. Audio and video recordings of previous appearances can be found here.


When it comes to alternative media, Brad is one of most insightful and persistent progressive voices. His work is much more than just terrific reading.” The job you’ve done and the courage with which you’ve spoken truth to power is greatly appreciated, and I thank you.

Conyers Jr., John (R-MI)

I want to express my gratitude at Brad for speaking up on this problem and for his dedication to ensuring fair elections across the United States.

Barbara Boxer, Senator from California

In the words of one of your admirers: “You are an American hero.”

Robert F. Kennedy Junior

One of the Paul Reveres of the [Election Integrity] movement, says Brad Friedman

Air America Radio’s Ring of Fire, Ring of Fire

You should visit BradBlog.com if you really want to learn about current situation of our election process.” In his tireless pursuit of this issue, Brad Friedman has amassed an enormous amount of useful news and information.”

Catherine Crier, Crier Live on CourtTV

Electronic voting machine critics consider him to be “among the blogosphere’s most tenacious.”

The New York Times (NYT).

One of the state’s most consistent bloggers on the hazards of voting technology.

At the LA Times: –

Brad Friedman’s blog can be found at BradBlog.com.”

I think he’s on to something here, despite being a liberal leftwinger. Actually, I’m very sure he is. “

Roger Hedgecock  (Substitute Host for Rush Limbaugh)

This investigation into computerised voting, in my opinion, is deserving of the first Pulitzer Prize for internet investigative journalism.

According to NYTimes’ About.com’s Deborah White,

Thanks for all you do, and I’m grateful to have you in my life!

Rep. Maxine Waters

To be fair, Maxine [Waters] was my sister. However, I must surpass her…

But I’m not going to talk about it!”

“It’s been a pleasure reading your site. As I was asked recently about Diebold’s troubles, I mostly referred to your site. “Thank you so much for all you do!”

Cynthia McKinney, U.S. Rep

My favourite blog is The BRAD BLOG. “I’m a big fan.”

Joe Wilson, former U.S. ambassador

Please accept my sincere thanks for your blog. I’m in love with it! The place I go to every day is here. The information you can obtain from Brad is excellent, and I hope everybody reading this realises that. And it’s a lot of effort, too… “I don’t really how he does it, because it’s only around a thousand degrees here, yet he sits here looking as fresh as a daisy.”

In the words of the Randi Rhodes Show host,

Extraordinary coverage at Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas, where Brad interviewed me on The BRAD SHOW

We must keep up with the election scandal & reform storey by reading both John Conyers and BradBlog. We must all be aware of what we’re doing to prevent any more fraudulent elections. … BRANDON BLOG is a “leading defender” of “democracy in America.”

via Huffington Post: Jim Lampley, HBO/NBC Olympics Host

‘My favourite blog to pilfer from is the BRAD BLOG!’ says one reader.

Stephanie Miller, host of The Stephanie Miller Show:

You are one of the best bloggers that are constantly progressing.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Air America’s Ring of Fire with Mike Papantonio

“An absolute terrier when it comes to e-voting,” says the author.

– Robert X. Cringely, Information World

“…a blog written by a Brad.”

Comedy Central Presents: Al Franken

Every day, you should check out this webpage.

It’s Mike Malloy, host of Mike Malloy Show

“A powerful blend both investigative journalism and savage wit.”

The Sunday Monitor of KPFT

It’s important that people remember that on the BRAD SHOW and BRAD BLOG they’re getting news, information, and commentary that hasn’t been filtered via corporate interests.

the Green Party’s presidential candidate in 2004, David Cobb

The storey of electronic voting machines has been explored by Brad Friedman with the tenacity of maybe no other journalist in the field. Everyone interested in this topic should read BradBlog every day, and he’s using the platform the break several major stories.”

In selecting Brad “Truthdigger of the Week” by Robert Scheer’s TruthDig.com, 11/3/06

In the struggle for election integrity, Brad Friedman is “the Paul Revere of a movement.”

The Politically Correct Show Host David Bender, Air America Radio

“Brad Friedman was one of the heroes I highlighted today, and I truly mean that…

In addition, you received cheers from the Detroit crowd; you are well-known around here, my friend.

For more than a decade Tony Trupiano has hosted the Tony Trupiano Show, a nationally syndicated talk show, and has run for Congress in 2006.

On the occasion of the Town Hall Meeting “Downing Street Memo” that John Conyers and he convened

“Many thanks for your kind words, Brad. To you and to us, democracy owes a great deal if it survives after many years of neglect.

Pro-democracy activist Mimi Kennedy (PDA)

This blog has been recognised as one of “our media heroes.”

As reported by the News Dissectors: Danny Schechter (When News Lies) and Michael Shermer (When News Dies), Danny Schechter is an author, filmmaker, and documentary filmmaker.

“I’d would like to commend you for your efforts… “

Just recall the guy who took it upon oneself as just a citizen to enter the fray and raise hell, Tom Paine, who was a superb pamphleteer. We could learn lots further about our government if more individuals did this, in my opinion.

Journalism professor and friend of Karl Rove, Bill Israel. Contributor for Editor & Publisher.

“I was anxious that no one would discuss the election fraud allegations when we took a pause to write our book…

“but Brad Friedman saved the day with his constant scooping!”

A co-author of “Did George W. Bush Stolen the 2004 Election?” is Columbus Free Press editor Bob Fitrakis.

On the irregularities in the 2004 election, “Why aren’t there any reporters here? Here they are… They’re paying attention to what The BRAD BLOG has to say, too. [Regarding O’Reilly’s fabrications regarding Jon Stewart’s character] “Brad deserves a pat on the back for cracking the case.” [about the irregularities in Ohio’s 2005 presidential election] This storey has being closely followed by the Brad Blog. On Karl Rove’s protests, “”””” In addition to Eyewitness Accounts and Audio As from Protest, the BRAD BLOG does have a LOT MORE. “Brad’s blog is going off the rails…” [Regarding Diebold and the “DIEB-THROAT” alias] Brad Blog provides the most recent…

CROOKS & LIARS, a blog by John Amato

It’s like a bloodhound, tracking down every instance of computerised voting fraud.

There was a newspaper called the Fairfield Daily Republic

It’s nice to see that my good friend BradBlog was quoted in the New York Times, too. For us, BradBlog takes care of the heavy lifting.”

American Blogospherist John Aravosis

“Brad Friedman, one of the most prominent bloggers in the country.”

Wisc. Public Radio’s Duke Skorich,

The Brad Blog is a daily must for me because Brad Friedman is among my favourite writers, as well as an all-around kind guy.

The Yellow Dog Blog’s Bob Geiger

When it comes to BradBlog.com, if you haven’t checked it out, you should. Quite a bit of useful information… 2005 has been a terrific year for you, Brad.

As the host of Deadline Live radio show, Jack Blood

I can trust him because he’s an investigative journalist. He’s meticulous. The BRAD BLOG is the name of his fantastic blog.

The From Left Field host, KRLA’s Barry Gordon

E-voting devices may be used to steal elections, according to one blogger with a knack for investigating.

Blogosphere goes wild…

Matt Drudge, take care of business. Brad Friedman of BRAD BLOG is one of your makers. I’m giddy with anticipation… When it comes to e-voting, the Left may also need evidence like this to “bitch-slap” this country into reality.

BRAD BLOG and RAW STORY may have found their Matt Drudge in Liza Sabater, Culture Kitchen’s Liza Sabater.

In the tradition of Brad Friedman, he has the narrative.”

A must-read by Brad Friedman!

In the CannonFire blog of Joseph Cannon,

In the words of the host, “He’s one of best guests I’ve ever had.”

Sacramento, California, 1240 a.m., Christine Craft Show

“The BRAD BLOG was on fire recently!” The BRAD BLOG has already been diligently and meticulously reporting stories on voter fraud since the election… Consider the possibilities if The BRAD BLOG didn’t exist. Why were we unaware of it until now?

– DailyKos’s Bulldog Manifesto

The narrator says, “You’re an a—.”

Just On Radio Factor to Bill O’Reilly, Bill O’Reilly stated: